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> Many competitors buys stator laminations or packages for prototype construction, first samples, pre-series etc. from us. Do not be shy to inquire with us - you will not tell us anything we do not already know. 😊 And discretion is a matter of course.

> Another area with high turnover is stators and rotors for customer installation. Since these often have to be adapted to the customer's conditions, a catalogue makes no sense. Please ask for it!


Stator für Servomotor

Active parts of servo motors

Also frameless servo motor, built-in servo, stator and rotor of synchronous machines. No matter what you want to call it: we supply built-in parts of electrical machines according to your specifications.

Rotorpaket aus Backlackblech

Stator stacks / rotor stack

Max. Diameter: 400mm in one piece; (If segmented: up to max 2 to.) The picture on the left shows a rotor segment for a reluctance motor with 0.4mm bars.

Selbsttragende Formspule

Form spools

Self-supporting shaped coils made of self-bonding enamelled wire. Thickness 0,4- 1,32mm; Max. Coil inner diameter: 90mm

Gelasertes Statorblech

Stator/rotor laminations laser cutted

Max. Diameter: 400mm; Max. sheet thickness 0,5mm. Even complex geometries with fine segments. Thanks to our self-built, fully automatic, highly dynamic laser machine (ironless linear motors, carbon composites, etc.), we can produce for you quickly and effectively.

Gehäuse von Servomotore

Housing for servomotors

As yard ware or finished.

Lagerschild für Servomotor

End shields/shaft for servo motors

From our standard or according to customer specifications.

FEM Berechnung von Synchronmotore; Flußdichte von IPM Maschine

Design of electrical machines

We are manufacturer of PM machines. Therefore we have a lot of experience and therefore you get a practical design from us. Both in terms of producibility and operating behaviour.

Vergossener Stator

Potting of stators

We offer the encapsulation of wound stators. Since this is a very laborious process, we offer this service only with our specially manufactured potting compound.




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