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> Welcome to the homepage of the company

SyncMot GmbH

> We are manufacturer of electrical machines - especially of synchronous motors. Our company name is also derived from this.

> Based on customer specifications, we use modern software tools to develop the electrical and mechanical components. We have many years of experience as a supplier in the most diverse industries. However, the key to our success is the coordination with our own production facilities.

> Above all, the fully automatic laser machine for cutting electrical sheet developed in our company offers us the possibility to offer you the motor that is the best choice for the application in combination with economic aspects. As a result, many of our customers have become technology and / or market leaders.

> Our CNC machines (also developed in-house), fully automatic spooler, coating machine, balancing machine, laser marking machine are further, enormously important components for our extraordinary vertical range of manufacture. Probably our vertical range of manufacture is unique in relation to our company size.

> Our target markets are prototypes, smallest/small series, up to medium series size.

> Details about our products can be found under the corresponding links listed above.

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Servomotore mit vergrabenen Magneten; IPM Servomotor.

FEM Berechnung von Synchronmotoren

Stator von Servomotor.

Rotorpaket mit Backlack Elektroblech; IPM Rotor oder Rotor mit Vergrabenen Magneten

Gelasertes Statorblech

Wassergekühlter Servomotor; Synchronmotor mit Wasserkühlung.


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