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> Here you will find an overview of our product groups and the corresponding catalogues. All product groups can be adapted to customer requirements. Actually, every motor we produce is designed by custormers requirements. Whether easy to adapt properties such as reinforced output shafts, speed/voltage or a design for extreme values. (acceleration, weight, efficiency, installation space, costs etc.)


> The catalogues are therefore mainly used for a rough selection so that we can have a much more efficient conversation with you.



Servomotor mit Vergrabenen Magneten; IPM -Servomotor; Motor mit hohem LD/LQ


Permanent-magnet synchronous motors - also servo motors, PM machines, IPM motors, PM motors - are manufactured by us almost exclusively with buried magnets. That means: the magnets are pushed into sheet metal rotors with corresponding recesses. In addition to the mechanical stability, this has positive effects on losses and improves the controllability through a large Ld/Lq ratio. (= important when starting with sensorless controllers).

The motors can be supplied as built-in servo motors (frameless servo; i.e. only the active part stator+rotor), convection cooled IC410, forced ventilation IC416 or water cooled ICW.

Catalogue: Power-Line


Hocheffiziente Synchronmotore im IEC Gehäuse/Frame. SM mit IEC Abmsse.


In order to be able to offer cost-effective, highly efficient, lightweight motors which can also be flange-mounted to standard gearboxes, bellhousings etc., we have introduced our IEC -Line. This has - especially in the low power range - an incredibly high efficiency. IE4 in all power classes. In addition, these motors are on average 2 sizes smaller than standard motors, which enables much more compact and lighter designs. A small sensation!

Catalogue: IEC-Line

Außenläufer Motor; Motor mit innenliegendem Stator.

Torque-Line Außenläufer

Specially designed for low speeds, excellent controllability. Designed as travel drives, but of course also excellently suited for industrial applications. Due to the mechanical diversity, the catalogue only shows the installation variant.

Catalogue: Torque-Line_aussen

Hochpoliger Direktantrieb; Torque-Motor

Torque-Line Innenläufer

Especially suitable for low speeds.

Catalogue: Torque-Line_innen

Asynchronmotor als Servomotor.


Asynchronous motors with servo look. These motors are heavier, larger, less dynamic than the PM-Servomotors. However, it can make sense to use these motors, especially when a high field weakening range and extremely precise speed stability are required. Variants: convection-cooled IC410, forced-ventilated IC416, water-cooled ICW.

Catalogue: Async-Line

BLDC Motor für hohe Leistungen; Servomotoren für Batteriebetrieb.

BLDC Motore

Our BLDC -Line is available especially for battery-powered applications. Variants: convection-cooled IC410, forced-ventilated IC416, water-cooled ICW.

Catalogue: BLDC-Line

Servotube; Linearer Servomotor.


Linear oscillating motors designed for high stroke rates, also known as servo tubes. An unbelievable example for the performance of these motors: 120mm stroke, 750 x per minute and max. 18kW output power. And this over months/years without service. Thereby a maximum position deviation of 11ym. Which drive can keep up with this?

Catalogue: Tube-Line




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